"Destination" objective: clone or image?

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When creating a project (in step 3) we ask you to reference several pieces of information, including one that is the strength of the PUMA Cloner but also raises many questions, we are talking here about the "Destination"


Behind this word, there is a choice between a physical clone or an image file

  • What is it used for?
  • When and how to use it?

Are going to be the first questions we will answer here.

The PUMA Cloner under its thick fur is a real autonomous, smart and secure machine.

We taught him to solicit the device that is deteriorating as smartly as possible.

The idea is therefore to save the least information that we can read or improve to read at any time of the processing.

The process starts as soon as step 4 starts without you noticing it.


The information is retrieved, saved and if necessary used again later, it is retrieved from the "destination" without soliciting the sick device a second time.

For that we need to store the information in a dedicated space, so that our friend Windows does not interfere in the processing process.

What could be better than a cloned physical device (uninitialized and bleached, we can never repeat it too much) or an image file?

Yes, and then after that?

After... in most cases, you will be able to access the tree structure and perform a targeted file extraction with the advantage of the extraction error log.

Did you know that during targeted extraction, the PUMA Cloner backs up the data while extracting them?


In other rare cases (incomplete or invisible tree structure), you will be able to complete the processing thanks to this strange bird that is the data collector, after a scan of the image or the clone.




The combination of the two tools for the most extreme cases will open the doors to optimal retrieval and an unimaginable result. We will have the opportunity to dedicate an article on this subject very soon.

Doubts that may subsist


Why do I have to bleach my physical disk of clone destination


For two main reasons:


  • To have an uninitialized disk and therefore not visible for Windows, so there is no interference.
  • To have a really blank disk, as if it had been taken out of its packaging, it is therefore impossible to provide data from a previous customer to Mr. Dupont.


Tip: the eraser is available without limit, to save time, think of going through the SATA connection of your motherboard rather than through a USB dock.


Why can't the image of my 1TB disk be stored on my 1TB disk? 


The image must be stored on a formatted disk, which says formatting means loss of storage space (1 TB=960 GB approx.)


Tip: Take a storage device with a very large capacity (3TB for example, you can cumulate several clients.

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